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Thank you for considering a sponsorship role at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive, a popular and highly critically acclaimed World Wide Web site.

We offer a variety of sponsorship levels -- from exclusive sponsorship of the entire site in our peak season in October, when Nobel Prizes are awarded (the most expensive option) to banner ads sponsoring a particular Nobel Archive page (or a set of pages) during any other month of the year (the most affordable option). Our flexible advertising options are designed to expose your ad to a large, targeted audience. The ad rates are based on banner positioning and monthly impressions. All ads on the Nobel Archive are hot links to your site or a co-branded promotion page ("portal page").

To understand our rate structure, please take a minute to go through the following brief visual overview of the structure of the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.

Organization of the Site

Presented below is a screenshot of the title page of the Nobel Prize Internet Archive, as it appears to a visitor using a frame-supporting Web browser (such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Here is the explanation of the various Archive components marked in the figure. Please take a few seconds to review these in order to understand where your advertisements can be placed.

This is a static frame where the Exclusive Sponsor's ad normally appears. The space is currently occupied by the Archive's search box.
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive title banner. As a convenient navigational feature, clicking on this banner always brings up the top (introductory) page in the frame below (3).
This is the main content window. The Nobel awards lists, home pages of individual Nobel laureates, links to additional information about Nobel prizes and Nobel laureates, Nobel Trivia Quiz, and exclusive interviews with Nobel Prize winners are examples of content which appears here. The Archive sponsors' banner ads appear at the top and at the bottom of each page.
This convenient scrolling window provides easy access to subject lists of Nobel Prize winners arranged either chronologically or alphabetically.
This static frame is where the Archive's Exclusive Sponsors put their permanent ad. Since the frame is static, the ad is visible at all times.

Advertising Rates

The price of an ad at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive depends chiefly on two factors: timing and placement. Contact us for current rates.

Timing. We are a seasonal site, and so prices for October (when the Nobel prizes are announced and user interest peaks out) are somewhat higher than prices for each of the other eleven months.

Placement. There are a number of placement options available. Below is a brief description of each, with rates.

Static Frame Placement
Reduced screenshot of the Nobel Archive title page You can become the sponsor of the entire site by placing an ad in one of the static frames [ (1) or (5) on the diagram]. This means that all visitors will constantly see your ad while browsing the site, regardless of what pages they turn to. From our logs we see that over 30% of the people spend 10 minutes or more browsing the site (indeed, there's plenty of stuff to browse!), and, with the static frame placement option, they will see your ad on their screen during this entire time.

You'll have a choice of a banner format (bottom static frame 5) or an icon format (upper left corner static frame 1).

Scrolling Frames Placement
This is the more traditional banner ad option. All content pages appear in the main content frame (3). The price includes two ad insertions: at the top and at the bottom of the page.

Page Placement
Top-level page
2004 Prizes page
Female Nobel Laureates
Subject pages (6 subjects: physics, chemistry, economics, medicine/biology, literature, and peace; price per subject)
Other popular pages (Latest Nobel News, Nobel Prize Trivia Quiz, Why there is no Nobel Prize in Mathematics, Nobel Birthdays) Exclusive Nobel Interview,

Submission guidelines

All advertising at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive begins with a signed Insertion Order and a Standard Terms and Conditions sheet. All ads are subject to approval by the Archive.

Banner dimensions and resolution

Image File Format GIF only
Image Dimensions 468 pixels wide by 36 pixels deep (modest variations are acceptable)
Image File Size 72 dpi maximum at actual size
Interlacing Mode Please specify
MAP Files Please specify
Animated Banner Ads GIF89 only.

Banners will be hyperlinked to an Internet address (URL) of your choice.

Legal fine print
All ads must be prepaid in U.S. funds. We reserve the right to change rates at its discretion. All ads are subject to prior approval by us. Our liability for any errors in ad placement, formatting, links, indexes, or any other content construction or service done by us will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by that error. Should the number of impressions fall below the guarantee in any given month, the advertisement will remain in place until the guaranteed number of impressions is achieved. No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on insertion orders, contracts, insertion instructions, or any other form of correspondence that conflict with the policies set forth herein will be binding on us. By placing advertising with The Nobel Prize Internet Archive all advertisers agree to abide by the legal disclaimers and conditions noted above.

Further advertising inquiries

If you have any further questions regarding sponsoring the Nobel Prize Internet Archive, please contact us!

Special offer
In addition to the sponsorship options outlined above, The Nobel Prize Internet Archive is looking for a Permanent Sponsor who would provide a new home for the Archive. If you are a large corporation interested in using the Nobel Archive to enhance your corporate image and to supplement your on-line offerings, please feel free to contact us for further details. Serious inquiries only please.

Thank you very much for your support!

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