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Confused by all the marketing lingo that surrounds Internet advertising activities? Perhaps, this brief explanation will help cut through the hype.

The number of "impressions" equals the number of times your banner image is downloaded along with the page being viewed by a visitor. This is a standard way of determining exposure of an advertisement on the Web. One important caveat: The Nobel Prize Internet Archive's exclusive advertisers are assigned a static frame. Their ads are visible for the entire duration of the visitor's stay at the Archive. Naturally, an impression in these static frames lasts much longer than an impression in a typical banner ad, which makes it much more valuable to the advertiser.

Every time a visitor clicks on your banner, leading to your Portal page, it is counted as a "click." This measurement method lets you judge the response to an ad that you are running.

Click Ratio
A ratio that indicates the success of an advertiser in attracting visitors to click on their ad. For example, if for 50,000 impressions there are 1,000 clicks on your banner, your click ratio is 2%.

Portal Page
When an ad is clicked on, the visitor is linked to this page which is the advertiser's Web site or special co-branded promotion Web page. Portal pages are often created specifically to work with the banner ad. The Nobel Prize Internet Archive design team is available to create a portal page that provides the best match between your needs and our unique content.

The term "hits" is used by Webmasters to describe the relative horsepower that their site can successfully handle. It is usually irrelevant to an advertiser.

More questions? Feel free to send email to us at sponsor@almaz.com.

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