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Thank you for considering a sponsorship role at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive, a popular and highly critically acclaimed World Wide Web site.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive has been in service since September 1994, and was the first on-line resource devoted solely to information about the Nobel Prize and Nobel Prize laureates. Until recently the Archive was based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. However, as the Archive's popularity grew, the traffic load has grown beyond the capabilities of the M.I.T. server, and the Archive was moved to a startup Internet consulting company.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive is looking for a Permanent Sponsor who would provide a new home for the Archive. If you are a company interested in using the Nobel Archive to enhance your corporate image and to supplement your on-line offerings, please send email to for further details. Serious inquiries only please.

Organization of the Site

Presented below is a screenshot of the title page of the Nobel Prize Internet Archive, as it appears to a visitor using a frame-supporting Web browser (such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Here is the explanation of the various Archive components marked in the figure. Please take a few seconds to review these in order to understand where your advertisements can be placed.

This is a static frame where user can do a quick search to look through the Archives contents quickly.
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive title banner. As a convenient navigational feature, clicking on this banner always brings up the top (introductory) page in the frame below (3).
This is the main content window. The Nobel awards lists, home pages of individual Nobel laureates, links to additional information about Nobel prizes and Nobel laureates, Nobel Trivia Quiz, and exclusive interviews with Nobel Prize winners are examples of content which appears here. The Archive sponsors' banner ads can appear at the top and at the bottom of each page.
This convenient scrolling window provides easy access to subject lists of Nobel Prize winners arranged either chronologically or alphabetically.
This static frame is where the Archive's Exclusive Sponsors can place their permanent ad. Since the frame is static, the ad is visible at all times.

Thank you very much for your support!

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