The Nobel Prize Internet Archive was developed by Almaz Enterprises. It is currently owned and operated by Ona Wu, one of the founding principals.
Ona Wu
Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer
Ona Wu has several years experience in developing multimedia and Internet applications. Before founding Almaz Enterprises, she was the lead Web application developer at Boston Globe Electronic Publishing (, where she created an automated system for the real-time delivery of Associated Press wire news stories and developed CGI programs still in use today.

She has also been involved in speech recognition, virtual reality, distributed interactive simulation (DIS), portable multimedia, and Global Positioning System (GPS) projects at AT&T Bell Laboratories, MIT Media Laboratory and at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Her experience also includes projects at Microsoft's Advanced Technology Division, where she developed firmware for interactive television (ITV) systems.

Dr. Wu received a Ph. D. in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT where she developed predictive models of tissue outcome in cerebrovascular diseases using functional magnetic resonance imaging techniques. She holds Master's and Bachelor's degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT and developed a portable enhanced reality system for her Master's Thesis project. She has also received a Bachelor's degree in history, for which she examined the role of the media during World War II.

Ona Wu

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